Saturday, September 26, 2009

Frankie Negron Blog

Last night I was "En La Escena" with Frankie Negron at the Canal Room in NYC. Frankie was debuting his latest album which was --get this--a ROCK album! No one was more surprised than me. I had the pleasure of interviewing Frankie one on one before he took the stage to perform. He confided in me that it took him two years to invent his english sound. He spoke of having a strong salsa fan base but was hoping that his fans would embrace this side of him that he had been yearning to express. This Puerto Rican New Jersey native did not disappoint with a standing room only performance that had everyone bopping their heads in unison. His melodic lyrics and sultry vocals gave the intimate audience a rare view of himself. He seemed almost liberated which is in harmony with the title of his album, Independence Day. Lucky for me, I got to go home with a copy of his new CD and a memory to last me for years to come. =o) Hasta la proxima mi gente! This is Leticia Reyes, special reporter for En La Escena.

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