Thursday, October 1, 2009

JI Starr blog

I thought I was going to be nervous walking into the largest and oldest spanish language radio station in New York City. But truth be told, JI Starr, radio announcer and DJ of La Mega 97.9, was so incredibly gracious to me that the interview between us just flowed like a regular conversation between two friends. JI Starr opened up to me about his life and career, remembering the challenges and successes of his many years in the media industry. He talks specifically to how he overcame his challenge to rise to the top despite the fact that spanish was his second language. He also shared some special secrets with me that he personally uses to keep his vocal performance in tip top shape!

Overall, I found my time with JI to be incredibly insightful, entertaining, and just down right fun! JI's huge heart shines through his eyes and he comes across as someone who is not only passionate about what he does, but passionate about his "cultura". I think this man would do great on TV! Look out for more to come with me, Leticia, and JI Starr of La Mega 97.9, on En La Escena!

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