Monday, September 14, 2009


Well known and loved in Greece, fashion designer Vassilios Kostetsos has been a leader in the fashion industry for the past 15 years. He is known for his divine designs. For the 1st time, Vassilios Kostetso showed during New York Fashion week and he has proven that his talent has no boundaries.

In the heart of NYC, on September 13th 2009 at Bryant Park in the Salon, Vassilios Kostetsos presented his much anticipated Spring/Summer 2010 collection themed PHIDIAS, an ancient Greek Sculptor.

The men's and woman's collection was simply beautiful, fresh and very distinct. The women's designs were very much haute couture and perfectly tailored to say the least meanwhile the men's designs were outstandingly sharp yet wearable.

The entire collection was mainly composed of fitted bodices, reminiscing of the proportions of the ancient Greek Statues. The perfect silk forms were very often ornated with sequins, embroideries, semi-precious stones while the strong puffy cap sleeves were a characteristic of the lines of the Greek Kore Statues.

Models strutted down the runway with a clean polishes look. The women had their hair pulled back in a bun with a very natural yet contoured makeup meanwhile the men had their hair parted on the side to accentuate the European feel.

The shapes varied from a short and fitted strapless bodice, to a full-length version flaring out at the hip level, some great structure short jackets with the intense shoulders lines, crispy jackets for men often paired with a scarf and straight-legged pants. The women's pieces were perfect red carpet pieces as they exuded glamor, elegance and freshness. The beauty of the entire line resided in the simplicity of the shapes with attention to details, the combination of fabrics, the appliques and cutouts and the juxtaposition of solid next to or topped with sheer. Though the men's pieces presented nothing new in terms of shapes, the freshness came from the alluring cuts of the jackets and the fresh colors. The whole collection featured a strict color palette consisting of timeless colors such as nude, white, tan, black with some accents of Salmon...colors that played with the theme of the brightness of the sun.

Vassilios has once again proven that his craft can bring men's and women's to their utmost elegance with clean lines, lavish details and rich fabrics. To some, the line was restricted and perhaps very inclined towards the young and thin bodies but to most, the collection was cohesive, fresh and simply dazzling!



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