Friday, September 11, 2009

BRYANT PARK DAY 1: Michael Angel kicks off NY Fashion Week playfully

Michael Angel kicked-off NY Fashion Week with a strong collection and hell of a statement! It was all bold, colorful, bright, glitzy, geometric and very fun. His silhouettes were mainly concentrated on the torso and most of his dresses were short and playful. Aussie Designer Michael Angel made a collection for modern and independent women. He drew inspiration from strong influential women such as Nancy Cunard and Josephine Baker. Bold prints included abstract florals and faceted gems, and several ensembles featured heavy doses of bling on sleeves, collars, and the best of these, "Swarovski" embellished zippers that were subtle and swank. Loved it! His show definitely left our mouth watery begging for more. His fashions are absolutely entertaining to watch although they wouldn't be to everyone's taste.Earrings were also geometric and bold, natural makeup to balance the boldness. Sexy, Sexy even when the economy is low! :) Why not?

By: To-Tam & To-Nya Ton-Nu AKA "The SACHIKA twins"

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