Monday, April 13, 2009

Brooklyn Fashion Weekend

En La Escena covered the Brooklyn Fashion Weekend where we met up with the fabulous designers of “SACHIKA” To-Tam & To-Nya . En La Escena had full backstage access before the show & front row seats to a pre-view of their Fall 2009 collection, that left the crowd in awe and craving their line by the end of the show.

The collection featured a beautiful array of dresses in different styles which included wrap dresses, shouldered tiered dresses and wide leg jump suit's with halter neck lines in an assortment of hues such as teals, creams, burgundy's, navy, and dark royal purples. The line had a very 20's inspired flapper look, with floating hemlines and artistic drapery.

It was unanimous they stole the show!! A line that empowers woman & makes them feel sexy, elegant, yet very comfortable.

Make sure to visit SACHIKA’s website at

Friday, April 10, 2009

Meet Taxi Amarillo

En La Escena had the pleasure of interviewing los chicos del grupo “TAXI AMARILLO” by Host Dilenia Gutierrez. You are going to fall in love with Chris, Bombie, Rickie & Steve! This NY Pop-Rock group, breathes talent through their pores. You will definitely identify yourself with their songs! We can testify to that, since we saw Taxi Amarillo perform live at Mamajuana’s Café as well. The house was packed & the Band was Rocking!

Make sure to stay tuned & see this very fun Interview with Taxi Amarillo coming soon! Also visit their website

Ciao! Paola Cancellieri ~ Associate Producer

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