Friday, September 11, 2009

SACHIKA NY FASHION REPORT: "SPURR: Romantic men are back :) "

So we had the opportunity to attend a great Fashion Show yesterday.
SPURR BY Simon Spurr launched its Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Having worked for brand names such as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, Spurr started his line 3 years ago, here in New York.
With an array of "pretty boyish models" wearing his clothing, Simon Spurr went for a refreshing and clean look for Spring/Summer 2010. The collection had a great sense of unity.
Lots of pink, salmon colors, soft yellow and light blue, navy blue, grey, pale lilac, pastel color palette with cuts reminiscing of the classic look with a touch of Golf...accentuated by his signature the handkerchief flower...I would say romantic men. Silhouettes were slender, clean lines. Fabrics were light such as light weight nylon, wool, cashmere, Lapel Linen, cotton bamboo. Great mix between casual and sophisticated yet functional.The collection is perfect for men that are confident in their masculinity because not all men can pull off pink or yellow, straight legged-pants with flower handkerchiefs...The vintage jeans appeared very comfortable. Our friend Daniel was wearing of their jean and stated :" They are so comfy! ".
The PR company behind the event pulled off a great event sponsored by delicious ACAI VEEV vodka, Fiji water and Parrot frames, good music by a DJ ALEX from Tokyo, great loft, amazing location and very classy and good-looking crowd.
Look out for this emerging designer, he is definitely a rising high-fashion Designer!

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