Tuesday, June 29, 2010

World Cup 2010 Blog - En La Escena

Mexico VS Argentina - by Paola Cancellieri
En La Escena went to "Studio Square" the new beer garden located in Astoria Queens. Also known as "S2" to cover the game of Mexico vs Argentina.

The garden of S2 was packed with fans of both teams and the energy was amazing!!! The sound of drums & bubuselas was present as well. I have been watching the World Cup games from home....but to go out to a bar & be next to others rooting for your team as well, cant be beat! Flags of Mexico & Argentina all over the place, people with flags painted on their face and arms (I was one of them) it was just great to be there!

But then my smile went away!!! Argentina scored their 1st Gol. A goal that should of been taken away...but I'm not getting into that right now. The Argentinian fans went wild and what was a mixed crowd... separated in a flash!

Mexican fans never gave up hope...they would sing "yes we can" but in Spanish. Then came other two gols! Argentinian fans then sang "No you cant" At this point I was like "we need to score at least one" we cant leave with a clean slate here!!!

Then it came...our one and only gol! S2 trembled! Mexican crowd went wild! The rivalry of Mexico & Argentina can only be compare to the rivalry of Yankees vs Red Sox's, that should give you an idea! So not to leave with a clean slate was crucial at this point!
The game ended, and the cheers just burst from both sides. Ones cheered for their win, while others cheered for pride! Because on these games that's what it all comes down to 'National Pride" win or loose we have to stick to out team! It was great to be live with the public enjoying the game, their love to us ELE is what makes it very rewarding. I love being close to people, thank you for your constant support. ~ Paola Cancellieri

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