Monday, June 14, 2010

21st Annual Tropical Night at South Street Seaport

En La Escena was at the 2010 Annual Tropical Night at South Street Seaport with an All-Star Tribute to legendary Latin Music Promoter Ralph Mercado. The evening was full of salsa music the amazing Salseros Ray Sepulveda, Hector Tricoche, Michael Stuart and more. This year was also the "Bailando con Sabor" Dance Contest Sponsored by Ronald McDonald. ELE interviewed the winning couple who are best friends and have been dancing for 10 years winners of the grand prize of $500 dollars. Debbie Mercado was also present along with the entire Mercado family and received a recognition from El Diario Newspaper in rememberance of her father the entrepreneur Ralph Mercado. The Festival was not only filled with the Salsa Performances and the Mercado Family but we also had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Hector Maisonave. Hector has been in the industry as a promoter/manager for over 60 years. He is 88 years old and attended the Annual Tropical Night in remembrance of his bestfriend Ralph Mercado. Mr. Maisonave this year received the Legendary Award and PBS did a documentary on his life. ELE had a wonderful time at the festival and enjoyed the great Salsa Music that all these long time Salseros performed. En La Escena congratulates the Mercado Family for continuing to keep the legacy alive.

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