Monday, July 6, 2009

To-Tam reporting for En la escena TV, Tribute to MJ at the APOLLO THEATRE

We are huge fans of MJ...What an honor for SACHIKA to come and report this event... Michael has brought so much to the world and leaving so abruptly was a shock to everyone...He was the BIGGEST superstar of all time and now, millions are in mourning...Michael has had a very unique and most would say difficult life...but somehow he might be at better place now. I hope so, because, Michael will be so ever dearly missed...

Apollo Theatre 125th between Adam Clayton and Frederick Douglass, NY.

On July 1st 2009, thousands came to celebrate the life of a legend and engrave his music into our hearts and soul forever. The Jackson 5 performed over 40 years ago at the Apollo at the very beginning of Michael's career and the Apollo is paying tribute to Michael by offering a complimentary viewing of the most poignant moments of his life as well as the last footage of his rehearsal a few days before he passed away...Words can't express how sad I was when I found out he passed away. So young, so talented...ouch.... Michael Jackson dead almost means the death of an era...How could it even be? It's so hard to believe for many people.

At the Apollo Theatre,in Harlem, where the biggest superstars have graced the stage before and during stardom, people were celebrating and embracing all that Michael has given to us. For so many people, he was and still is their true musical and life inspiration. Thousands have waited hours and hundreds waited over 12 hours to pay tribute to their idol. Some have stayed overnight sleeping outside of the Theatre...."This is once of lifetime experience, I wouldn't have missed it for this world!!!" said a 22 year old female singer/songwriter inspired by Michael Jackson.

It was all love. And I couldn't helped but to feel sad yet hopeful. "Michael is here, his spirit is here and will remain with us forever! He will never die!!!" Those are the words that came out of 44 year-old male resident of Harlem. And truly, his presence was here...It was magical. I never felt so much love in one single place...It was exciting yet peaceful.

To-Tam & Tony Austin from En la Escena

Tony Austin, the executive producer of En La Escena and I arrived at approximately noon and stood in line at the backdoor of the Apollo with 30ish other press and media. We were all anxious to see what the Apollo has prepared to pay homage to the legendary Michael Jackson.We finally got to interview people at 1pm and, it was chaotic. People were exhausted and have been waiting for so long, but the energy, was still there.. People were singing, dancing, smiling, celebrating Michael's legacy. It's beautiful to see how dedicated fans can be.

Tony and I found ourselves a spot sandwiched in between so many other paparazzi, ready to report the event of the century. I was able to interview 15 fans ranging from 8 to 6o years old, men, women, black, white, Latino, it didn't matter. Everyone was here for the same reason to, pay tribute to their all time favorite artist: Michael Jackson. Each has their favorite MJ's song and a few even sang a little piece for me...Loved it! Loved seeing peoples' face and body coming to life when singing one of his songs...It really came from the heart...It is so unfair to see that sometimes people never see what they got until it's gone. While alive, Michael for the last decade, Michael has been ridiculed and misjudged and wrongly accused by the media and the public and now he is deceased, people are starting to realize that he was only a troubled being... Michael is surely very appreciated right now, more than ever and will be remembered forever...I just wished he was here to witness what I saw...The world loved and loves Michael...

I could have stayed there forever, watching people smiling, dancing and singing with so much love and warmth..Michael, with his music and great charitable achievements has clearly touched the lives of millions and will continue to do so for years to come...Inside the Theatre, as people we let in slowly but surely, the crowd was applauding Michael's life, legacy and achievements. A few superstar kids event jumped on stage and danced the moonwalk and sang to the best of MJ's songs...Somehow,in this time of recession and hard times, Michael has brought back peace and love into the lives of so many people reminding all of us that family, friends children and health are the most important things in life...We also saw Al Chapman who was supportive and came to the Apollo to show respect and support Michael's family...The world is mourning the loss of a superstar and an amazing icon, but truly, the ones that are crying the most and hurting the most are his family and children. My thoughts and prayers are with them...AMEN.

Thousands have been waiting for hours to get in the theatre and pay tribute to their idol.

Maximum security to ensure a smooth entrance to all those tired fans

A very happy fan, ready to get inside the Theatre

Thousands of people celebrating the life of Michael Jackson...

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