Monday, July 13, 2009

Calle 13 rocked SummerStage!

Once again En la escena brings you on the scene!

The group Calle 13 was part of the 10th Anniversary of LAMC (Latin Alternative Music Conference) Calle 13 was the headliner of the event & one of the most anticipated bands on the 24th season of Central Park's SummerStage!

SummerStage free concert reached it’s maximum capacity of 5,000 people!

It was amazing to see the line from 72nd street all the way to 65th street! The Latino presence was strong & the fans were eager to see Calle 13 perform. It couldn't be a more perfect day. The weather was great & so was the energy!

Eric BOBO & Bomba Estereo where the ones that warmed up the crowd before Calle 13 came out.

Before Calle 13 went up on stage, En La escena interviewed René Pérez Joglar – El Residente CALLE 13. An interview entirely in Spanish by Host Paola Cancellieri. El vistiante Eduardo José Cabra Martínez was not part of the interview since he was doing the sound check at that moment.

Host Paola Cancellieri in action!

En la escena crew Anthony Austin & Paola Cancellieri next to El Residente Calle 13 before the concert

Calle 13 opened up with “ No hay nadie como tu” and the crowd went wild! The whole concert was energetic & fans loved every second of it.

El Residente also invited some female fans up on stage & they danced like never before to the beat of Calle 13.

But I must say that the fans went crazy when “Atrevete” came on!
After all is the song that made them who they are today Latin Grammy winner's!

During the performance El Residente managed to give a shout out to all the Immigrants! And said “we ain't going nowhere” He is definitely one of the few Artists who uses his platform to speak up about topics in our Latin community.

At the end Calle 13 gave tribute to Michael Jackson. By doing the famous dance of the ghouls in the video Thriller. El Residente then pointed up to the heavens & gave tribute to Michael. A great moment that Fans absolutely loved.

Make sure to get Calle 13’s Album “ Los de atras bienen conmigo”
Also visit and learn about future free events.
Stay tuned to see En la escena’s interview with Calle 13!

Photos taken by: Robert Jennings

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