Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Tropico De Sangre" Premiere in the New York International Latino Film Festival

On July 29th, Jessica Medina covered the Premiere of "Tropico de Sangre"in the NYILFF "Dominican Night" celebration for En La Escena. This event took place at Columbia University in Washington Heights, where a large majority of residents are Dominican. The evening was full of celebrities walking the red carpet and even supporting celebrity friends such as Henry from "Aventura" came to see the movie and shared with us the great news of recently becoming a dad. The French producer of this film that lives in Dominican Republic Joan Giacinti was present, along with Executive Producer/Director Juan Delancer. There were international as well as national actors such as Michelle Rodriguez & Juan Fernandez and more specifically Dominican actors residing in the U.S., such as Celines Toribio, Claudette Lali, Luchy Estevez, Sergio Carlo. The Director Juan Delancer, said: "It's a film that explores the atmosphere of a very peculiar dictatorship and in the same scenario the courage of three women and brave men who defied Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, and marked the end of a dictatorial regime."

Many are content with this film and say more films about the Dominican history and culture should be made so our youth could be educated on the history of the Dominican Republic.

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