Friday, July 2, 2010

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Hola Chicos! It’s your girl Paola Cancellieri once again, bringing you the latest 411.

En La Escena was present at the Re-Launch Party of “Latin Trends Magazine” this past Friday June 26th. The party took place at LQ Nightclub

There I had the pleasure of interviewing the Founder of Latin Trends Juan Guillen. To hear him speak the way he did was very inspiring to me. The commitment he has towards our Latino community could be heard in every word he spoke! For me he was the highlight of the night! In my interview with Mr.Guillen, You will realize the commitment he has with the bicultural Latino consumer and why its important for “Latin Trends” to deliver a high quality product just for us!

The night was charmed by the beauty of former contestants of the SiTV show “Model Latina” season one . I had the opportunity to chat with them and see what they were up to nowadays! Miss Dominican Republic USA was also present supporting “Latin Trends Magazine” and the performers of the night were “Bachata Heights”. They had the entire Nightclub dancing to their beat .

The energy was great, a wide range of people attended and the re-launch party was a complete success! Mission Accomplished Latin Trends Magazine! We the En La Escena family support you & wish you many more successful years! Make sure to catch our coverage…Only on En La Escena!

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Bernadette Giacomazzo said...

Hi guys! Bernadette Giacomazzo here, Associate Editor of Latin Trends. We wanted to thank you guys for coming -- we look forward to seeing your coverage! Please do keep in touch with me and let me know about all your upcoming events -- perhaps we can work out something with coverage! Drop me a line anytime: Thanks again!