Saturday, April 10, 2010

La Mision Blog

Considering I haven't seen much press concerning the opening of the movie, La Mission, I decided to do my due diligence and tell everyone I know that seeing this flick starring Benjamin Bratt is a MUST! This movie tugged on my heartstrings and had me sitting at the edge of my seat throughout its entirety! It is not only rich in cinematography but also expresses a wide range of emotion and drama. Benjamin Bratt's character, Che Rivera, is a Chicano male who is a single father employed as a bus driver and is both respected and feared in his San Francisco barrio, la mission, for being a real "macho". Adding to his persona is his love for low riding cars, which he restores to a beautiful finish so he and his posse can take a cruise down the street "low and slow". His whole world comes to a climatic tailspin when he discovers pictures of his son sharing a kiss with a male companion. This discovery leads to a physical altercation between father and son as Che disowns his only child for being homosexual. As each party tries to work through the upheaval, Che is forced to deal with his alcoholic past and his tendency to turn to physical means to dissolve his problems. To say this movie is deep and gripping is an understatement! For all Latinos alike, you'll find a piece of you in this movie, and you'll be shocked how it addresses countless topics that have long been taboo in our culture. This film was written and directed by Peter Bratt and also stars Talisa Soto Bratt. It is not the type of film that you should go see just because it is spearheaded by Latinos. It is the type of film that you should go see because it quality, it is powerful AND it is spearheaded by Latinos! This ELE reporter gives it an enthusiastic two thumbs up!! It opens in NYC theaters on April 9th! Go support!! And while you are at it, check out the pics from my interview at the premier. Benjamin, Peter and Talisa were extremely gracious and gorgeous! Special thanks goes to Myrdith, Monica of, Jane Wilson-Marquis, and the fabulous staff of Melange Salon in the Peninsula hotel. Interview video footage coming soon to tuned!

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